After falling to a last-second Damion Lee three-pointer two nights ago, the Bulls have dropped to a disappointing 0–3, including two dispiriting blowouts. Even worse, the losses have been to the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, and the Klay-and-Draymond-less Golden State Warriors, hardly a murderer’s row of opponents. I had hoped that firing Jim Boylen would lead to improved play, but that has not been the case so far.

The Bulls have had a litany of problems this season, but chief among them has been perimeter defense. Bulls guards, primarily Coby White and Zach LaVine, have repeatedly failed to contain opponents…

Anybody who follows the Chicago Bulls (or has watched The Last Dance) knows what happens to the United Center when the song “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project is played. The lights dim as you hear the first few notes and watch animated bulls run through Chicago on the Jumbotron. The electrons in the air pulse with electricity, the building rocks on its foundations, and the PA blares: “Aaaaaaaaand now, the starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls!” At the height of the Bulls’ run, it felt like they were unbeatable at home.

It’s a similar story at many NBA arenas…

According to FIBA’s migration report, 1,781 Americans played overseas in 2019. Most of these players are lesser-known players who are looking to continue their careers while getting paid. Some achieve great success; players like Brad Wanamaker, Patrick Beverley, and PJ Tucker have successfully made the leap to the NBA after spending several years in Europe.

Players overseas struggle with uncertainty, even in the best of times. They are often thousands of miles from their homes, without their families, in places where they may not even know the language. There is a lack of long-term security, since contracts are typically for…

The trade deadline is coming up soon, and contenders are searching for that last piece that will put them over the top. One player who can be that piece (should the Chicago Bulls decide to move him) is Thaddeus Young, who is having a breakout season at age 32 . Matt Esposito recently alluded to the Boston Celtics picking up Young here at The Playgrounder , but Young has a wide array of skills that will make him valuable to any contender.

Young has reinvented himself as a playmaking big this season, and the results have been extraordinary. He is…

Last week, while I mindlessly scrolled through Twitter, a tweet from Indy Cornrows/ Premium Hoops blogger and friend of the program Mark Schindler (who I highly recommend you follow if you aren’t already) caught my eye:

Mentioned this a few weeks ago, but Doug McDermott’s Road/Away split continues this season

(+ is differential from hole to away)

18/19: +7% FG +18% 3pFG

19/20: +12%FG +20% 3pFG

20/21: +14%FG +16% 3pFG

Just wild. SSS this season, but assuming it’ll track

- Mark Schindler (@MSchindlerNBA) January 24, 2021

Doug McDermott, career 41 percent three-point shooter and haver of beautiful chemistry with Domantas…

While I enjoy following the NBA Draft, it has long left a bad taste in my mouth, though I admit I enjoy following it. There is something wrong about telling the best basketball prospects that, to enter the NBA and make their dreams come true, they have to go play for the team that chooses them, for a contract on the rookie scale. Matt Esposito here at the Playgrounder made an argument along these lines recently, and I’d encourage you to read it. But, if we abolish the draft, we must replace it with a system that still works.

Draft History


Turner also affects shots even when he is not blocking them. Opponents are shooting just 43.2 percent on shots at the rim with Turner contesting, and, according to Cleaning the Glass , opponents shoot 14 percent worse on all shots at the rim with Turner on the floor, putting him in the 98th percentile for bigs in the NBA this season.

The Pacers are allowing a ton of shots ( 39.8 percent of all opponent shots , in the bottom third of the NBA) at the rim. According to Indy Cornrows Pacers Blogger Mark Schindler , this is intentional: “The…

The Indiana Pacers have been one of the surprise teams of the NBA season. After an offseason where the biggest story around the team was Victor Oladipo’s rumored departure, many pundits were dismissive of their chances. Yet new coach Nate Bjorkgren has the Pacers on top the East at 4–1, led by a much improved offense.

Cleaning the Glass, which removes garbage time and heaves from its statistics, ranks the Indiana offense 11th in the NBA with a 112.8 offensive rating, up from 17th last season. At the center of the Pacers’ success is Domantas Sabonis, just like last season…

This was the first draft in Chicago for the Bulls’ new front office regime of Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley, and nobody really knew what they were going to do. There were rumors all over the place; I saw that they were looking to trade up for LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman, trade down, or take Deni Avdija at four. But after the top three in the draft went chalk, and the rumors of a trade up or down did not come to fruition, the Bulls went with Florida State freshman Patrick Williams.

Round 1, Pick 4 — Patrick Williams

Winner — Oklahoma City Thunder

Sam Presti is a shark on the trade market. In the past couple days he has traded:

  • Chris Paul and Abdel Nader to the Suns for Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque, and a 2022 first-rounder
  • Dennis Schroder to the Lakers for the 28th pick and Danny Green, who was promptly rerouted to the 76ers for the 21st pick, Al Horford, and a 2025 first-rounder
  • Rubio to the Timberwolves, along with the 25th and 28th picks, for the 17th pick

With draft night finally over, they’ve supplemented their rebuild with 17(!!!!) future…

Andrew Lawlor

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